Winter and summer schools


Summer school: "Statistical methods in quality management»


As part of the annual summer scientific schools at the Eurasian national University named After L. N. Gumilyov transport and energy faculty held a summer school on the topic – "Statistical methods in quality management". Elikbaev Kuanysh Nurlanovich - Deputy General Director of RSE "Kazakhstan Institute of standardization and certification"; aitbayeva lyailya Batyrkhanovna - head of the analysis and strategic development of RSE "Kazinst"were invited. Also participated the teaching staff of the Department "Standardization and certification".

With a welcoming speech to the invited audience and to persons made head of the Department "Standardization and certification", Ph. D., Professor Baigazieva B. U.

Currently, the introduction of quality systems based on international standards is becoming an urgent need. Both customers (consumers) and public authorities, considering them as a guarantee of obtaining high-quality, safe products, require the availability of quality systems. Manufacturers are also interested in creating quality systems that enable them to improve production. The problem of improving the quality and safety of products is relevant for any enterprise, especially at the present stage. In order to ensure the safety of products and minimize production risks, enterprises use various types of management systems. The use of such systems has become typical for companies. The most popular at present are supply chain security management systems, food safety management systems, risk management systems at the enterprise. ISO standards are most often the primary source of rules on the organization and use of such systems. Similar national standards are being developed on their basis.

The aim of the Summer school is to expand knowledge in the field of management systems. This will help to facilitate the integration of systems that make effective use of limited human, technical and financial resources.

The organizers also aim to provide future specialists in the field of standardization, Metrology and certification with fundamental and practical knowledge in the field of integrated management systems, documents and structure required for the implementation of the integrated management system (IMS), the principles of operation of instructions and procedures, as well as to ensure their development, skills of checking documentation and documentation of the system.

The range of scientific interests of the Summer school participants is quite wide. These are technical regulation, Metrology, quality management systems, product certification, standardization.

Lectures were given by Deputy General Director of RSE "Kazakhstan Institute of standardization and certification" Committee for technical regulation and Metrology of RK Kuanysh Elikbaev they were explained and introduced in the WTO agreement and was considered standardization as an effective mechanism for development of export of Kazakh products. Keen interest in the audience caused the possibility of Kazakh business in the formation of international standards on the one hand, and its lack of initiative and low activity on the other, according to the report of the lecturer. Then the question of the participant was discussed in detail: why not provide domestic export-oriented enterprises with notifications of international organizations translated into understandable language in order to involve them in the process of discussing standards. As a justification for the low activity of representatives of Kazakhstan's business led – ignorance of the language.




The result of the lectures of the representative of the Institute of standardization and certification was the conclusion about the need to revise the learning process and the introduction of some disciplines in the training course for students.

During the summer school, the teaching staff of the Department " SIS "on the theme of the summer school on" Statistical methods in quality management " were asked questions. To which the speakers gave specific answers.


Transport and energy faculty held a Spring school-seminar "INSTITUTIONAL ECONOMICS AND ITS PRACTICAL APPLICATION IN the EAEU".

Instructor: Eugene A. Caporoso - doctor of Economics, head of Department of economic theory and entrepreneurship, Omsk state University. Dostoevsky (Russia), member of the Board of the international Association for institutional studies (AIIA), the founder of the Omsk center of economic culture. 

Thematic plan of the spring of the school-seminar: 


Evolution of institutional theory and its role in improving economic management

Methodology of institutional analysis

Economic theories of the state and its functions in the economy

Public administration and its paradigms

Institutional analysis of reforms in foreign countries

Problems of reform implementation in Russia from the position of institutional approach

Actual problems of implementation of administrative reform in Kazakhstan

Research problems in the field of institutional analysis

Improving the management of the national economy: situation analysis

Improving the management of the national economy: situation analysis