Scholarships and other types of material support (Vacant grants)



 From the “Rules of payment of state scholarships to certain categories of students in educational institutions”, approved by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated February 7, 2008 No. 116.

The state scholarship is paid to students, undergraduates, doctoral students enrolled by the state order, as well as transferred to training by the state order.

The scholarship is paid to students, undergraduates, doctoral students who pass the examination session on the "good" and "excellent." Students, undergraduates, doctoral students who did not pass the exam in a timely manner for valid reasons (illness, family circumstances), the leadership of the university after the student, undergraduate and doctoral students provide supporting documents are set individual deadlines for exams.

Students, undergraduates, doctoral students from among orphans and children left without parental care, the stipend is paid in the absence of unsatisfactory grades from the session results.

During the summer vacation the scholarship is paid in total for two months (July, August).

tudents, undergraduates, doctoral students enrolled in the 1 course, the scholarship is paid from September 1 monthly during the first semester. Further the grant is paid following the results of sessions.

Students, undergraduates, doctoral students who are on academic leave, state scholarship is not paid, except for academic leave provided on the basis of a medical certificate. Students, undergraduates, doctoral students with tuberculosis and are on academic leave, the stipend is paid for the period of disability, but not more than ten months of disability.

During the period of students, undergraduates, doctoral students on leave to care for a child until he reaches the age of three years, the scholarship is not paid.

Scholarship payment is terminated:

1) in the case of expulsion (exclusion) of the student, undergraduate, doctoral student;

2) in the case of the death of a student, undergraduate, doctoral student;

3) after the release of the order to complete the training and graduation of the student, undergraduate, doctoral student.