List of documents for admission

List of documents for admission

List of documents

 For graduates of organizations of general secondary education of the current year (after passing the UNT)

 1. application on a standard form;

 2. certificate and diploma (original);

 3. copy of certificate or diploma;

 4. UNT certificate;

 5. copy of the UNT certificate;

 6. 8 photo size 3x4;

 7. medical certificate form U-086;

 8. copy of vaccination card - 063

 9. copy of the X-ray image (for non-residents);

 10. copy of the identity document;

 11. copy of the registration certificate (for boys);

 12. folder - 1 (paper), file - 3, envelope - 1 (A5)


The list of documents for participation in COMPLEX TESTING


1. application on a standard form;

 2. certificate or diploma of completion of the initial vocational (technical and vocational) or secondary vocational (post-secondary) educational institution (original);

 3. receipt of payment for testing;

 4. two 3x4 photos;

 5. medical certificate in the form 086-U;

 6. copy of an identity document;

 7. 1- folder (paper), 3-file, 1-envelope (A5)


Reception of applications is carried out.

 In the admission committee of the MASTER ENU them. L.N. Gumilyov citizens submit the following documents:

 1) an application addressed to the rector;

 2) a copy of the document on higher education;

 3) a copy of the identity card;

 4) a copy of the test certificate in a foreign language (if available): English: TestofEnglishasaForeignLanguageInstitutionalTestingProgramm (TOEFLITP - at least 460 points),

TestofEnglishasForeignLanguageInstitutionalTestingProgrammInternet-basedTest (TOEFLIBT, threshold score - at least 87), (TOEFL, threshold score - at least 560 points), InternationalEnglishLanguageTestsSystem (IELTS, threshold score - at least 6.0);

 German: DeutscheSprachprufungfurden Hochschulzugang (DSH, Niveau C1 / C1 level), TestDaF-Prufung (Niveau C1 / C1 level);

 French: Test de Francais International ™ (TFI - not lower than level B1 in reading and listening sections), Diplome d'Etudes en Langue francais (DELF, level B2), Diplome Approfondi de Langue francais (DALF, level C1), Test de connaissance du francais (TCF - at least 400 points)

 5)) personal record of personnel records and a document confirming labor activity (for persons with seniority, a copy);

 6) six 3x4 photos;

 7) medical certificate of the form 086-У (+ copy of the X-ray image);

 8) a list of scientific and methodological works;

9) Receipt of payment for testing in a foreign language.

  10) folder (paper), 8 files, envelope (A-5 format)

  The cost of testing for applicants to the magistracy is 4,200 tenge per 1 applicant.

  Details: State Enterprise "National Testing Center" MES RK 010011 Astana, Victory Ave., 60 BIN 000140001853, IIC KZ624500339860000388, BIC ASFBKZKA KB 16.A "Bank of Astana".

  The amount is 4,200 tenge.

  Together with copies of the documents listed in the list, the original is provided for verification. After the reconciliation, the originals are returned.