Why exactly TEF?

       At the moment, the faculty trains over 1,500 undergraduate students and 179 undergraduates. 76 students of our faculty have the sign "Altyn belgi". The quality of training in our university meets the highest standards, as evidenced by the successful participation of the specialties of the transport and energy faculty in international and national ratings, international accreditation of specialties.

       Educational activity is conducted by highly qualified specialists, among them well-known scientists, academicians, doctors and candidates of sciences, professors and associate professors, PhD doctors and teachers who have a great experience of pedagogical and scientific activity.

       At the departments students study in multilingual groups, classes are conducted in English. Further, students and undergraduates have the opportunity to study under the program of academic mobility of students - this is training in a foreign partner institution during one semester or academic year. At the faculty there are joint educational programs in all specialties of the magistracy, with partner universities, with whom there is an agreement on the joint preparation of masters. After successful completion of training the trainee receives diplomas of ENU and partner's university (two diplomas).

       Annually, the faculty holds international and republican scientific theoretical and practical conferences, forums, seminars, round tables on various areas of science on the G-Global platform. The students of the faculty take part in the Republican subject Olympiad. The faculty conducts social and educational work. Organized visits to museums, participation in sports competitions, competitions, where the faculty takes prizes.

       Graduates receive such qualities as citizenship, patriotism and tolerance, love for their homeland, respect for state symbols and the state language, veneration of national traditions, intolerance of any unconstitutional and antisocial manifestations.