Сenter for youth policy

The students of the transport and energy faculty are a close-knit team that lives in the interests of the youth and conducts an active policy in all areas of the life of the capital's students. The key areas of activity cover the most relevant and important aspects of youth policy:

- public and volunteer activities,

- development and development of leadership and organizational qualities,

- promotion of career search and growth,

- student self-government,

- student science,

- sports and a healthy lifestyle,

- useful leisure.

The main goal of the Youth Center of the TEF is to make the student life useful, bright, rich, to promote the upbringing of a generation that will adequately continue the history of the transport and energy faculty.



Six major and most ambitious annual projects for students are only part of the large-scale activities carried out by the transport and energy youth center.

Every day something interesting and important is happening in the youth center of TEF: lectures, trainings, excursions, enlightening and volunteer activities, active help to the city.

Citizenship, patriotism, spirituality, belief in high ideals, faith in our country, our youth - these criteria are the main driving force and platform on which the Youth Center of Transport and Energy Faculty is based in its activities.

The youth center of TEF is always open for cooperation, ready for a constructive dialogue and glad for the new members of the team.