December 13, 2020 at 15.00 hours on the Microsoft Teams platform, a final conference was held called "Кәсіптік педагогикалық практиканың қорытынды conferences" in the professional pedagogical practice of undergraduates of the 2nd year of specialties 7М1130200 - "Logistics by Industry" and 7М1130100 - "Organization of Transport, Traffic and Operation of Transport" of the department "Organization of Transport, Traffic and Operation of Transport."

The conference was attended by scientific leaders and undergraduates who passed professional pedagogical practice from September 1 to December 12, 2020, in On-Line mode, in the Microsoft Teams platform.

The purpose of the pedagogical practice of undergraduates is to consolidate and deepen knowledge in general scientific, cultural, psychological, pedagogical, methodological and special disciplines, as well as the formation of pedagogical skills, skills and competencies on the basis of theoretical knowledge.

In the process of pedagogical practice, work was carried out in the following areas:

1) development of an individual program of passing pedagogical practice to visit scientific and methodological consultations, familiarization with the organization of educational and methodological work of departments, study of normative and legal documents;

2) studying the experience of teaching leading teachers of the university while attending training sessions in scientific discipline, related sciences;

3) attendance and analysis of classes conducted by doctoral students;

4) individual planning and development of content of training sessions, development of teaching materials

5) conducting training sessions on educational discipline, individual work with students;

6) conducting open training sessions and curatorial hours;

7) conducting test sessions, completing the preparation and forming a report on practice.

The total number of undergraduates who passed the pedagogical practice of 13 people.

Undergraduates of the 2nd year of the department "Organization of transport, traffic and operation of transport." summed up the results of pedagogical practice within a month and reported to professors and teachers of the department.

During pedagogical practice, undergraduates conducted and lectured and conducted practical classes. They also discussed important issues in the field of transport logistics and held open lessons and master classes.

At the final conference, undergraduates of the 2nd year gave a detailed report on the pedagogical practice completed in the form of presentation slides. The current practice has allowed them to improve their knowledge and skills in teaching technical disciplines, in conducting exciting and useful educational activities.

During the online conference, scientific leaders of undergraduates Doctor of Sciences, Professor J.M. Kuanyshbaev, Art. Prep. Aitkhozhina A.S., head of Arpabekov M.I., senior lecturer Ibraev B.S. praised the work of future scientists.

During the protection of practice reports, undergraduates were divided into 2 groups of 5 people. In each group was the chairman of the commission, the secretary and the members of the commission.

Scientific leaders, the head of practice, members of the commission for the reception of reports of undergraduates very highly appreciated the practice of undergraduates, since many undergraduates already have experience in pedagogical activities. In general, the pedagogical practice of undergraduates was successful, the goals were achieved. Undergraduates presented the necessary documentation for the final conference, actively spoke and defended their reports.

At the end of the conference, scientific leaders made comments, wishes, recommendations in professional pedagogical activities for undergraduates, and the work of undergraduates was also evaluated on their part.