On March 17, 2022, at the Department "Organization of Transport, Traffic, and Operation of Transport," a sectional meeting of the X International Scientific and Practical Conference "Current Problems of Transport and Energy: Ways of their Innovative Solution" was held. (March 17, 2022, 10 a.m., Microsoft Teams

At the plenary session, the Dean of the Faculty of Transport and Energy, Ph.D., Professor Suleimenov T.B. and the Head of the Department "Transport, Transport Equipment and Technology," Ph.D., Professor Togizbaeva B.B.

The conference was attended by teachers, undergraduates, students of the department.

Y1YoS at a plenary session made as the report the student Karim Abdullayevich Mazmanov of t (OP 6B11302 Logistics on the industries) the report "Current problems of employment of students and university graduates"

The conference focused on such important aspects as the organization of the transport industry, the automated control system of the freight station, the organization of maintenance and repair of cars in the transport logistics system, the maintenance optimization model, improving the quality and safety of transport, etc.

On the same day, Section No. 1, "Organization of transport, traffic and operation of transport," worked offline from 14 o'clock. There are a total of 31 reports per programme section. 13 reports are submitted to the section. The reports were heard and discussed in auditor 430. It should be noted that the atmosphere of the sectional session was creative, the participants actively participated in the discussion. Participants listened to all speakers who wished to speak.

Based on the discussion of the reports made by their 13 reports, the commission concluded:

- I place - Mazmanov 3 year student Karim Abdullaevich t (OP 6B11302-Logistics by industries), supervisor of Art. Prep. Aitkhodina A.S.;

- II place - undergraduate of 2 courses Ғiniyat Nұrsұltan Serіkұly (OP 7M11302 - Logistics by industries), supervisor of doctoral studies, professor of Mukhametzhanova A.V.;

- III place - graduate student of the 2nd course (OP 7M11302 - Logistics by industries) Shaikenov Shyrak Shektubaevich, supervisor of doctoral studies, professor of Mukhametzhanova A.V.;

- III place - graduate student of the 2nd year (OP 7M11301 - OPDiET), Saktaganov Gabit Daniyarovich, supervisor of prof. Arpabekov Muratbek Ilyasovich;

- Letter of thanks - graduate student of 2 courses (OP 7M11302 - Logistics by Industries) Satanova Әygerіm Asқarқyzy Supervisor, Doctor of Science, Professor Nurakov S.N.