The scientific library continues to introduce  readers to new textbooks that have seen the light on the project "New humanitarian knowledge. 100 new textbooks in Kazakh. " Recall that the project is being implemented as part of the State Program "Rouhani zhaңғyru."

Presented on December 28 this year, the book exhibition was accompanied by a video review of sixteen textbooks to help study psychology, philosophy, ethics and aesthetics. This book exhibition was attended by the PPP of the Department "Organization of Transport, Traffic and Operation of Transport"

Below are some of them. Stephen Covey's book "7 Skills of Highly Effective People," which details a systematic approach to determining a person's life goals and priorities. The author shares with readers ways to success and basic principles of life. The publication helps to understand itself and clearly formulate life goals, thereby achieving self-improvement. The scientific work of the French writer and sociologist Remy Hess "25 Key Books on Philosophy" reveals important stages in the development of Western philosophy. This collection, covering the history of philosophy from Aristotle to Heidegger, describes the rich and picturesque nature of the human mind in an understandable and accessible language.

The book is valuable in that it contains detailed analysis and comments, which will help to study the history of philosophy. Barbara McKinnon and Andrew Fiala's textbook Ethics: Theory and Contemporary Issues deals in detail with key issues of ethics and equality and discrimination, environmental and animal ethics, biotechnology and bioengineering, global justice and globalization. The authors of the publication cite in  book various opinions on ethical issues based on the statements of world-famous philosophers. The textbook will be useful to all who study the course in the field of ethics. The new book of the famous Russian scientist, writer, member of the international association of aesthetics Yuri Borev "Aesthetics" is one of the most valuable books on modern aesthetics. This book opens the way to a wide study of categories of beauty, arrogance, tragedy, comedy, explains the problems of the development and nature of beauty, the birth of the theoretical history of art. The textbook is intended for art historians, a wide range of readers interested in aesthetics, students of higher educational institutions, undergraduates and doctoral students.

The presented educational publications will help students, undergraduates, doctoral students to enrich modern knowledge in the field of humanities and study them from the point of view of various cultural and historical aspects, and teachers will receive a lot of new in terms of teaching methods and approaches in these subjects. Textbooks in sufficient quantities are presented in the foundation of the university's scientific library. Digital copies are available on the portal of the Open University of Kazakhstan (https://openu.kz/ru/books). The exhibition of the scientific library received by the fund is presented on the subscription of educational literature and for accessibility in online format is accompanied by a video review.

(link: https:/ /www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3THBZLoEsM).