Meeting with the author of the coat of arms of the Republic of Kazakhstan

November 29, 2019 in the framework of the department "Organization of transportation, movement and operation of transport" dedicated to the "Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan." organized a meeting with the author of the coat of arms of the Republic of  Kazakhstan, Malibekov Zhandarbek.

Welcoming speeches and congratulations were made by the head of the department “Organization of transportations, movement and operation of transport”, Doctor of Technical Sciences prof. Arpabekov M.I. and curator of the group Associate Professor A. Bobeev


The main topic of this meeting is the actual problems of study and the possibility of influencing the formation of historical consciousness (in the light of new approaches to the concept of national history).

Professor Zhandarbek Malibekovich spoke as the author about the history of the coat of arms of sovereign Kazakhstan. In his speech, the term “coat of arms”, which is widely used today, comes from the German word “Erbe” (Erbe). Translated into Kazakh, it means the concept of "tanba" (tamga, sign). For the first time this term began to be used in the ancient Turkic Kaganate (552-603). On the chalkboard in front of the audience he explained in detail the meaning of the coat of arms.

The open lecture of ZhandarbekMalibekvich interested teachers and students present with their openness, clarity of wording, the meaning of the coat of arms of sovereign Kazakhstan. The final competition was attended by 245 projects and 67 descriptions of the future coat of arms. At that time he worked in Uzbekistan. As a result, his work was recognized as the best and winner of the competition. He has been working at our university since 2002.


Answering the questions of the future organizers of the transportation, Professor Malibekov Zh. Recommended that listeners critically analyze the incoming information, be a patriot of their country, be able to find parallels, deeply study political literature, pay special attention to English-speaking sources. The lecture made a lasting impression in the context of moral and educational influence in the spirit of Kazakhstani patriotism and universal humanistic values.


To the questions of state symbols of Kazakhstan, the formation of a solid historical worldview; The author of the State Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Zhandarbek Malibekov, answered the elaboration of the conceptual foundations of covering domestic history in the framework of today's realities with the aim of strengthening the ideological foundations of modern Kazakhstani society.


At the end of the report, he wished the students and the faculty of the Department of Organization of Transportation, Traffic and the Operation of Transport success in science and the need for continuous reading of the book.