On the eve of the national holiday "Independence Day" at the faculty of Transport and energy faculty Dean Tynys Suleimenov Bulekbaevich conducted outreach with students. Explaining to students that the Independence Day of Kazakhstan is the main national holiday of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This date the inhabitants of the country celebrated annually on 16 December. This year Kazakhstan marks the 26th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence: 16 December 1991 the Supreme Council of Kazakhstan adopted the law on independence and state sovereignty of the Republic. Over the years, the country has seen great strides in the development of all spheres of public life; politics, the economy, education, culture, medicine and many other spheres of life. And all this is done thanks to the leader of the nation Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev and unity of people of Kazakhstan.Because of this, students of Transport and energy faculty participated in many scientific activities of the specialty 5B071700 "heat Power engineering" and 5B071300 "Transport, transport equipment and technology" held in the Republic of 1 space. Specialty 5B071300 "transport, Transport technics and technology" is the National ranking on the 1st place. The development of the Republic of Kazakhstan defines the main objectives of government activities. Main achievements and goals of Nursultan Nazarbayev voiced in his address to the people of Kazakhstan in his annual Message of the President. The modern success of the country - a legacy for future generations, a reliable basis for building a strong, independent and dynamically developing Kazakhstan in the XXI century. Students actively participated in conversation, asked a lot of questions.