On the eve of the spring semester of January 15, 2021 the Eurasian National University was the first among Kazakh universities to conduct a 10-hour non-stop broadcast from 9 am to 7 pm. More than 4,000 listeners took part in the live broadcast and answered 1,200 questions. Among them are students of the department "Organization of transportation, traffic and operation of transport." More than 50 students participated.

The main goal is to provide students with detailed information about the progress of the educational process during the spring semester.

The meeting was held with the participation of the deans of 13 faculties, among them the dean of the Faculty of Transport and Energy, Professor T.B. Suleimenov, the directors of the departments for academic issues, digital development, international cooperation, finance, as well as the director of the directorate of student houses, the scientific library and the head of the office of the registrar.

During the live broadcast, students received answers to questions about the format of training, the rules for living in student homes, compliance with security measures on the territory of the university, the university's readiness to accept first-year students, ensuring sanitary norms and rules in the walls of the university and much more.

The Department of Transport, Traffic and Operation creates the necessary conditions for students to start their studies without hindrance. All sanitary and epidemiological standards have been observed. For students living in dormitories, unhindered access to the Internet and the possibility of using university computer equipment is provided.

Already on February 1, for first-year undergraduate, master's and doctoral students, classes began in a mixed format. Lectures - online, seminars, laboratory classes and other practical lessons - in the traditional format (offline) within the walls.

Students of the department of the first year, more than 20 people are arranged in the studio.