With in a Decade of science at department "standardization and certification" has taken place the scientific seminar "A state and the prospects of development of metrology in RK"

On September 25, 2018 at Standardization and Certification department the scientific seminar "A state and the prospects of development of metrology in RK" has taken place. The speaker - the expert of the 2nd category of Laboratory of scientific, innovative activity and professional development of RGP "Kazinmetr" of KTRM MIR RK Kuleymenova Ulzhan Nurtasovna.Teachers of Standardization and Certification department and undergraduates of the group Mmetr-22, Mmetr-21, SIS-21 have taken part in work of a seminar.

In modern society metrology as science and the field of practical activities play a large role. It is connected with the fact that there is practically no sphere of human activity where results of measurements wouldn't be used.In our country over 20 billion various measurements are daily executed. Measurements are an integral part of the majority of labor processes. Costs of providing and carrying out measurements make about 20% of the general Costs of production.On the basis of measurements obtain information on a condition of production, economic and social processes. Measuring information forms a basis for making decisions on quality of production at introduction of quality systems, in scientific experiments, etc.And only the reliability and the corresponding accuracy of results of measurements provides correctness of the made decisions at all levels of management. Receiving unreliable information leads to incorrect solutions, decline in quality of production, possible accidents. Interrelation of metrology, standardization and certification and their role in improvement of quality, safety and competitiveness of production (services), strengthening of the international, regional and national relations and their value in development of science, the equipment and technology.At a scientific seminar the review on activity of RGP "Kazinmetr" has been carried out, information on a condition of laboratories, the state standards, the developed state standard samples and measuring instruments, standard and legal base and also research projects is provided. In addition to it, the prospects of development of activity of RGP "Kazinmetr" and the planned works have been considered.Also Kuleymenova U. N. has told about the State program of industrial innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2015-2019 and about a comprehensive plan on improvement of system of technical regulation and metrology till 2020. At a seminar teachers and undergraduates actively asked questions about this subject of a seminar.She has in detail explained that main objectives became: gaining the international trust to the accuracy and reliability of the measurements performed in Kazakhstan, creation of the strong regulatory base harmonized with the international requirements, performance of high-precision measurements for branches of economy, carrying out research works, creation of the regional centers for metrological service of the enterprises.Further the speaker has considered standard and legal base in the sphere of technical regulation and metrology, namely, Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan "About Ensuring Unity of Measurements", "On technical regulation" and "About accreditation in the field of compliance assessment". Also, the made changes in the new bill of RK "About Ensuring Unity of Measurements" which is under consideration in Mazhilis now have been explained.Participants of a scientific action have suggested to continue similar work, to regularly hold an expanded scientific seminar with involvement of interested persons, divisions of ENU, other organizations. Interesting option is increase in professional qualification of employees on the basis of the existing public and private structures and MAUN RK.This seminar has attracted huge interest, teachers and undergraduates asked the interested questions and have received on them irrefragable answers. The seminar has taken place in a constructive and creative stop.