It has become a tradition to hold the standardization Day at the site of the Eurasian national University.

World standards day is celebrated around the world on October fourteenth. Every year the holiday is held around the world under a certain motto. In 2018, it reads: "International standards and the fourth industrial revolution".

International organizations IEC, ISO and ITU note: "the Fourth industrial revolution refers to new technologies that blur the traditional boundaries between the physical, digital and biological worlds. Today, standards will once again play a key role in the transition to a new era.  Changes occurring at this rate would not have been possible without them. Innovators rely on international standards developed by IEC, ISO and ITU to ensure compatibility and interoperability so that new technologies can be implemented without disruption. They are also a means of disseminating knowledge and innovation around the world. The fourth industrial revolution has already begun, but in order to use its full potential for the benefit of society, it is necessary to develop appropriate standards."

It has become a tradition to hold the standardization Day at the site of the Eurasian national University. The round table was attended by the developers of the draft law, including deputies of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, representatives of state bodies, NCE "Atameken", technical committees on standardization, industry associations and the interested business community, the teaching staff of universities of Astana, students and undergraduates. Vice-rector for strategic development of ENU Serikzhan Kanayev took an active part in the organization of this event.

This year, the day of standardization is given special attention, as it was marked by the adoption of the law "on standardization"in Kazakhstan. Today, society has seriously recognized the importance of international standards in achieving a more sustainable future. The introduction of the technologies of the new era of industrialization would not have been possible without standards that ensure their compatibility and functional interchangeability, as well as the wide dissemination of new knowledge and innovations around the world. The role of standards in overcoming global challenges is growing daily.

The Deputy of the Majilis, head of the Working group on the draft Law "on standardization" Azatperuashev noted the great importance of standardization for the society. "In the light of The President's Address to the people of Kazakhstan, standardization as a quality infrastructure should give a new round for the development of the economy of Kazakhstan, the promotion of Kazakh products in the domestic and foreign markets," he said in his speech.

"Innovations of the Law should strengthen the role of standardization in technical re - equipment and modernization of production, as well as promote the introduction of innovative technologies in the industry", - said the Chairman of the Committee of manufacturing industry of NCE RK "Atameken" Vladimir Bobrov.

Also, the President of SRO oyul Kazakhstan Register, Member of the public Council of the MID of Kazakhstan Svetlana zaitova in her speech on the application of international standards in Kazakhstan drew attention to the fact that the abolition of state registration of international standards for the possibility of their direct application will save enterprises from unnecessary administrative burden.The round table was held in the format of panel discussions, moderated by the Chairman of the Committee of technical regulation and Metrology of the MID RK Arman Shakkaliev. He spoke about the implementation of the new Law and the transition of Kazakhstan to the international model of standardization. The participants of the round table discussed the key role and importance of standards in the development of the economy. National standards are considered as an indicator of the development of industry, and technical committees as an independent platform for the adoption of consensus standards. We also analyzed the practice of application of international standards in Kazakhstan.

The participants said that the new Law provides for novelties on the relevance and relevance of the standards necessary for the domestic industry through monitoring, analysis and systematization of standards that will eliminate excessive requirements and determine the possibility of establishing technical requirements in national standards. In turn, monitoring the application of national standards will ensure the continuous updating of standards in order to continuously improve the quality of products.