On January 5, 2021, at the Department "Organization of Transport, Traffic and Operation of Transport," an installation conference was held on the research practice of undergraduates of the 2nd year of the educational program 7M11301- "Organization of Transport, Traffic and Operation of Transport" and 7M11302- "Logistics by Industry.

The conference was attended by undergraduates of the second year, heads of research practice  so-called, professor T.N. Bekenov and  so-called, professor M.I. Arpabekov and responsible for the practice of the department Orazalina A.B..

The moderator of the installation conference was the head of the department "Organization of transport, traffic and operation of transport" M.I. Arpabekov. The organizer of the installation conference is the head of the professional practice of undergraduates in the department of Orazadin A.B.

Magistrates received information on the timing of the research practice (04.01.2021 - 27.03.2021), the basis for the research practice (one of the three departments mentioned above), the content of the research practice and reporting documentation:

- diary-report on the results of research practice;

- text report of the undergraduate on the progress of research practice;

- report of the head of practice - the scientific director;

- materials on the implementation of experimental work in groups of university students (if any).

At the installation conference, the date of the final conference on the results of research practice is determined - March 29, 2021.