Participation of students of the Faculty of Transport and Energy at the congress of the party "NurOtan"

In the Palace of Independence under the chairmanship of the First President of the Republic, the Leader of the Nation Nursultan Nazarbayev, who is the chairman of the NurOtan Party, an extraordinary XIX Party Congress was held.

At the congress, the party considered the question of non-compliance with the outsiders' electoral selections. The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan is obviously interested in choosing the right kind of life, the major political event and definition of its vector of development. It has been repugnant for 28 years, that the Republic of Kazakhstan has gone a long way in its development. It is the year of its development and prosperity in our country. At the congress, it was ignored that the President of the Nation, President of the Nation, thanked for the right course of conviction. Nursultan Nazarbayev, Kazakhstan has a great potential and future prospects, where we live all the same, a friendly family in the world and peace. Delegates in their conversations have been fired, because today's citizen of Kazakhstan can say with gossip: "I'm in Cossacks! Я - Kazakhstani man! "

Students actively participated in the work of the congress, the results of which were given to all Kazakhstanis, and the most active part in the selection. As you know, "The choice of residence is determined by the priesthood, and we have the civilian position on the basis of the principle of our state to live up to it!"