About the participation of students in social project together with the regional branch of the party "Nur Otan" under the party project "Ардагерлердіардақтайық ", visiting veterans

         Of the party project "Ардагерлердіардақтайық", Deputy Dean for educational work, Ibrayeva A. A., together with students visited veterans of the great Patriotic war. During this event, Deputy Dean for educational work Ibraeva AA together with students visited veterans: Balkarova Elena Nikitichna, Balakina Alexander Pavlovich, Sivokon Valentina Semenovna, Pluzhnikova Ekaterina Gerasimovna.

            Addressing the veterans with warm and sincere words of congratulations, the students on behalf of the University staff warmly congratulated the veterans on the upcoming holiday, handing them congratulatory food baskets, and wished them good health, happiness, well-being, long life, cheerfulness and consistently good mood. 

           Veterans were glad to meet and shared their memories with students and teachers. In a warm atmosphere, the veterans remembered their glorious, fighting way and expressed heartfelt gratitude for the special attention and memory on their feet.

            Every year there are fewer and fewer veterans, and therefore these meetings are necessary for the education of the younger generation a sense of patriotism and love for the Motherland.