Tournament for chess among students of Transport and energy Faculty

At March 6 in the city library named after M. Auezov a chess tournament was organized.

An open tournament was organized by the faculty of Transport Energy Faculty of the Eurasian National University "Zhas Otan" .The game "Chess" was held for the purpose of popularization of chess, logical thinking skills among youth.

Chess is the most curious and exciting sport game that has emerged as a result of scientific intelligence and folklore. Chess is a war on a board. The game originally appeared in India in the 5th century. Chess encourages people to think, make decisions, and take action. Playing logic helps to develop focus, focus on different variants quickly and accurately, build up your will to win, and educate other moral qualities.

Following the results of the contests, Kasymbek Begasil won the 1st place, Amangeldy Zhasulan won the 2nd place and won the 3rd place. Winners of the competition were awarded with special certificates.

Students intend to develop their skills in intellectual games.