On the ninth of November 2017, the first year students of transport and energy faculty visited the Museum of literature and Museum of the history of education of Kazakhstan. The purpose of the visit to the museums located on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. LN. ENU students of TEF is to popularize the cultural heritage of Kazakhstan, education of true patriots of the country, conservation and scientific study of historical heritage.The Museum of literature – the only one in Kazakhstan, remembered the students that exponentionaly on knowledge of the history of writing.

Samples of writing that was used by the Turkic peoples of the Eurasian space, are the richest heritage of the world culture. The Museum assembles, keeps, investigates the collection of Museum objects and uses them in scientific, educational, educational and propaganda purposes.


After the first year students went to the Museum of the history of education of Kazakhstan, which tells about the formation of education of the Kazakh people from the middle ages to the present day. Unique documents of the enlightenment:

 - typewriters of that period,

- diary entries

 - handwritten books in Arabic, including a compass Professor Kimala Akishev, "Poems", 1939 issue of Abay (Ibrahim) Kunanbayev, "Lb-bi" (Aral) 1926 in Latin Ahmet Bitirin, Kirghiz reader Biryulinskaya,

 - photocopies, photos of the first women's courses of Kazakh women in the city of Orenburg, 1922, - all breathe history. The obtained knowledge allow the students to form a conscious attitude to the past, present and future of their people, to develop Patriotic feelings and national consciousness of students, to deepen their knowledge about the history and culture of his native country.