Students of the department "OPDiET" undergo pre-diploma practice

Within the framework of the educational programs "Logistics by Industries," "Organization of Transportation, Movement and Operation of Transport" for the acquisition of production skills, students of the department "Organization of Transportation, Movement and Operation of Transport" will conduct pre-diploma practice from February 14 to May 07, 2022 at enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Pre-diploma practice was carried out in strict accordance with all established requirements on the basis of the practice program and methodological guidelines for its passage. At the beginning of practice, on February 14, 2022, an installation conference was held at the department.

The purpose of pre-diploma practice is to collect and prepare material for writing final qualification work, providing an opportunity for the future specialist to apply skills in the field of selected professional activities obtained during the complete course of theoretical training.

Passing pre-diploma practice allows you to form the skills necessary for future professional activities to understand the transportation process; Apply, interpret and improve the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired in the process of studying at the university; to form a creative and research attitude towards the professional activities of a specialist in the field of transport services.