On April 11, within the framework of the "Bolashak bagdar: Ruhani zhangyru" program, the youth wing of Zhas Otan of the Transport and Energy Department organized an inter-faculty tournament on debates.

      The event was timed to coincide with the anniversary of the publication of the article by President N.A. Nazarbayev "Ruhani zhangyru", whose goal was to popularize it among students.


The event was opened by the head of the Department of Social and Civic Development Madibekov A.S., the head of the department "Heat-power engineering" Sakipov K.E., the deputy dean for work with students Dzhaksmbetova M.A., wishing lucky participants and, of course, victories.

 Students from 8 faculties on the basis of two rounds determined the best debaters.

The debate took place in an interesting format, the topics for discussion concerned the life of modern students, their development.

The winners were awarded a certificate for the amount of 20,000 kzt for purchases at the Technodom Trade Center. Students of the Faculty of Physics and Technology Tanirbergen Abylai and Shahabudin Diaz received the Dean's cup of transport and energy faculty.


The nomination "Best Speaker" was awarded to Myrzataeva Asyl, student of the first year of the philological faculty.

The best discussion was demonstrated by students from the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science; Faculty of Natural Sciences; Faculty of Social Sciences and Philological Faculty.

The tournament ended with words of gratitude, wishes and unforgettable photos.

           The main goal of the event is to support beginning debaters; development of leadership skills, critical thinking; teaching the skills of non-standard thinking. Pleases that, interest among young people to debate is growing. So, the transport and energy faculty for the second time arranges a similar Dean 's Cup for debates among the faculties, its last winners were students of the Faculty of Economics.