At the faculty of transport and energy held a meeting of 2nd year undergraduates with employers. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Department of career and business partnership, head of the Department "Standardization and certification", Ph. D., Professor Baigazieva bahytkul Ushakova, Deputy Dean for academic Affairs transport and energy faculty, Ph. D., associate Professor Sansyzbaev Zura Kenesbekovna, Deputy Dean on educational work of transport and energy faculty, master of technical Sciences Ibrayeva, Isolan, teachers of chair, undergraduates of the 2nd course.

The event included presentations by employers: Deputy Director of LLP "Firm "Jaabe" Chernyak, Tatiana, head of the laboratory of RSE "KazInMetr" MEMST of the RK Eskendir Eleuov Kaimanovich. The representative of LLP "Firm "Jaabe", Chernyak, Tatiana, in his speech said: "Our company has been on the market for the provision of services in the sphere of confirmation of conformity of products, services and laboratory tests since 1997. At the enterprise the qualified and trained personnel works, there is an updated Fund of normative documentation. Wide scope of accreditation. Our testing center can carry out laboratory tests of various materials and products in accordance with the scope of its activities. Our company has a lot of graduates of the ENU. Every year we employ graduates of the specialty "Standardization and certification" of your Department."

The representative of RGP "Kazakhstan Institute of Metrology" told future graduates of the master's course in "Metrology" of the ENU on the company's activities: "In RSE "KazInMetr" Kazakhstan created a reference base that consists of 101 units of measurement standards and the reference equipment, including: 52 units – national standards and 49 units – state working standards. Kazakhstan Institute of Metrology has become a center of development of domestic Metrology, a link between enterprises, organizations, the private sector, which are consumers of measurement results, manufacturers and users of measuring instruments. The professional team of 202 people, including 6 candidates of Sciences, 31 scientists-custodians, 5 technical experts in the field of ensuring the unity of measurements and 81 verifiers of measuring instruments, works in RSE "KazInMetr". The Institute of Metrology has done a lot for the development of metrological infrastructure of the Republic". The employer gave information on vacancies.

At the end of the meeting, employers reviewed the summary of undergraduates.