Saving of tolerance and interethnic harmony and the formation of immunity against destructive religious ideology

October 30, 2019 at the Department of "Standardization, Certification and Metrology" an open curatorial hour was held with SiS - 11 and Sis 13 groups on the topic: "Maintaining tolerance and interethnic harmony and building immunity against destructive religious ideology" (curator, senior teacher, master Technical Sciences Zharkenova Gulnur Esentaevna).

The curator’s hour was opened by the head of the department “Standardization, Certification and Metrology”, D. and. Professor Baihozhaeva Bakhytkul Uzakkyzy: “the problem of religious tolerance is certainly one of the most relevant and actively discussed issues in the modern world. Religious tolerance today has become a major factor in ensuring peace, stability and economic progress in Kazakhstan. The state is responsible for religion and religious activity, provides them with fairly broad rights and freedoms. "

Tolerance - spiritually, morally, ideologically, religious views and positions, in general, means that I accept. The French writer and philosopher Voltaire, who lived in the eighteenth century, said: "Your opinion is alien to me, but I am ready to sacrifice my life for his support." This is the main principle of tolerance. It means mutual respect, mercy between people. Therefore, tolerance should be expressed in the fact that both sides are able to fulfill the aspirations of each other by states, religions, ethnic groups and individuals. There is also the concept of “intolerance” versus tolerance. Aijan Aygerim, a student of the SiS 11 group, formed intolerance, uncompromising, recklessness, mentality, and indifference depending on a person, social groups, and the state.

 The creation of a “democratic, secular, legal and social state” was enshrined as the main directions of the country heritage. The Constitution laid the legal foundation of the Kazakhstan model of social harmony and interethnic tolerance that meets international criteria for protecting the rights of ethnic minorities. On this basis, the state national policy of Kazakhstan was aimed at the formation of the unity of the people in accordance with universal human statements based on the constitutional principle of social harmony, said K. and. n Department of "Standardization, Certification and Metrology" Associate Professor Zeynolla Toleubay.


A student of the SiS 13 group  Sharipbaev Aibek and a student of the SiS 11 group Kanlybay Yerseyt talked about various religious movements that embrace the consciousness of young people and destructive religious ideology.


Ramadan says that the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan does not discriminate on the grounds of religion and religion, and that any religion has equal rights, regardless of the characteristics of citizens. However, today in Astana, under the chairmanship of Supreme Mufti Yerzhan kazy Malgazhyuly, the first meeting of a group of translators-theologians, created by the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Kazakhstan, took place. In this regard, there are still many measures to improve the legal and religious literacy of young people. Welcoming remarks were made by the future specialist of the Department of Religious Studies, 2nd year undergraduate Shukey Іnzhu. “Recently, many non-traditional religious organizations have been actively campaigning in the country, called non-traditional religions, unemployed, not finding their place in life, being in a spiritual search, not having endured psychological difficulties in the family and individuals, who deeply do not know traditional religions, especially young people . Non-traditional religious organizations with a tough fanatical character, striving to isolate their fans from the environment, are actively working in their ranks to forcibly seize people, violence, financial manipulations, as well as to interrupt people who have come to attention from family ties. ” , said the chief specialist of the department of social support, religious scholar M. Daribay.

What is the purpose of young girls to cover their faces, and the wrong behavior of young people? What forces are trying to encourage teenagers to do such things? Therefore, we will avoid strange acts that are not our religions. Kazakhs have the words " Құдайдан қорықпағаннан қорық". Therefore, let us strive to be educated, improve religious education and make sure that what is good and bad, said the group’s curator Gulnur Yesentaevna.

In the conclusion the head of the department “Standardization, Certification and Metrology”, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Baikhozhaeva Bakhytkul Uzakkyzy recommend young people to be religiously literate, not to go beyond the boundaries of various movements.