March 3, 2018 transport and energy department celebrated its sixth anniversary. Day of the faculty, organized by the faculty activists led by the Deputy Dean for Work With students Dzhaksymbetova Makpal Adlikanovna, celebrated several hundred, teachers and faculty staff. The program of the holiday, held in the ULK conference hall, included very diverse elements, resembling a musical, which to some extent corresponded to the nature of the faculty itself - one of the claimed in the labor market.


According to the scenario, two students who graduated from the transport and energy faculty recalled their past student years. During this, activists of the Transport and Energy Faculty acted on the stage.


The team of the KVN "Turan", the team of the TEF for the KVN "Eurasian", thanks to which the atmosphere was positive, there was a lot of laughter, joy and fun.



         The students dipped the hall guests in the history of the formation of the transport and energy faculty.



Incendiary flashmobs in the performance of first-year students liked the viewers so much that some rose to dance in rhythm with the "newcomers" of the faculty. The lyric composition "Meili" was performed by student of the specialty "Standardization and Certification" by Iskakova Diana.



Associate Professor of the Department "Heat Power Engineering" ZhumagulovMikhail Grigoryevich shook the whole hall with his incendiary performance of the contemporary song "Uptownfunk".



The program of the young, incredibly talented illusionist, a graduate of the specialty "Transport, transport equipment and technologies" Ibrahimov Chingiz who did real miracles in the hall, inviting the guests to participate in the productions of the guests, did not leave any spectator indifferent.



             At the end of the event, Dean of the Faculty Professor Suleimenov TynysBulekbayev made a speech, thanking all those present for the opportunity to share the joy of celebrating the Day of the Faculty.


         In the end, the organizers performed the song "Team". A good atmosphere was created by the public supporting the performers on the stage. Impression of the students, teachers and guests from the event was the warmest and most memorable.

It is worth noting that this year the transport and energy department releases from its walls more than five hundred young professionals, including winners of various olympiads and scientific competitions, as well as activists participating in international events.