Chess tournament among Transport and energy faculty students

On April 24, 2019, at the Transport and energy faculty “Bіlіmdіzhastar-elіmizdinBolashagy” chess tournament among bachelor and masters students of the faculty was held as part of the Road map of the project “Year of  Youth”.

The tournament was held in room 433 from 10 am to 12 pm in a circular system. The game was held in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The organizer of the student chess tournament was the senior teacher Arystanov Zhanat Temirkhanovich.

At the chess tournament the first place was taken by the undergraduate student of the "Transport, transport equipment and technologies"departmentAgmanovBegman. The second place went to the student of the TTT&T-24 group, AydarkhanovTleuzhan. The third place was taken by a student of the "Power Engineering"department of the TE-12 group Efimovich Eduard. The diploma was awarded by the dean of the Transport and energyfaculty Suleimenov Tynys Bulekbaevich.