In the framework of the Program of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Rouhani gear" on the transport and energy Department hosted a meeting of student activists with a religious studies expert, chief specialist of the Department for social and civil development Tasbolat Aculty My, "Finance and Rouhani gear".  He was followed by the expert, the chief specialist of the Department for social and civil development Tasbolat Aculty My. The specialist had been given such advice on how not to be in the networks of destructive cults; what to do if a destructive organization got close to you. The social base of extremist groups are, people who failed to adapt to the new conditions of life. Young people are not able to critically approach the content of publications in the media, due to lack of experience proved to be the most affected. This is a very good environment for extremist groups. The majority of youth extremist groups are not a mere formality. A number of their members have a vague idea about the ideological underpinnings of extremist movements. Loud phraseology, external paraphernalia and other accessories, the opportunity to feel like a member of a kind of "secret society" having the right to do away with the massacre of the disagreeable group of individuals, all this attracts young people. In conclusion, the expert stressed that in a multi-ethnic and multi-confessional state such as the Republic of Kazakhstan, the preservation of the secular principles of the state is of particular relevance. In this regard, to ensure the inviolability of the principle of secular development of Kazakhstan required all existing administrative-legal and criminally-legal measures to protect him from attacks, including by destructive ideology. It should be remembered and not to forget that attacks on the tenets of our secular state is against the constitutional order of Kazakhstan.


Students TEF thanked the lecturer for informative lecture.