The work of the university’s methodological decade “Methodological competence of a university teacher in the context of the development of innovative teaching technologies”, which began on January 9, 2020 and will continue until the 17th, is actively continuing.

 On January 16, 2020, the work of the methodological decade took place at the Faculty of Transport and Energy under the leadership of the Dean of the Faculty, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor TB  Suleimenov and the head of the methodological office of the university, candidate of economic sciences, professor A.B.  Baymbetova.




 The participants in the meeting of the methodological decade were those who arrived from the Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers (TashIIT) for a one-month internship at the Department of Organization of Transport, Traffic and Operation of Transport, Scientific Associate Professor, Ph.D.  Sh.M.  Suyunbaev and the administrative and teaching staff of the faculty.

 Five methodological reports were presented to the audience.  The first report was on the topic “Application of the capabilities of virtual laboratories as promising information technologies in training personnel at the Transport and Energy Faculty”, Dean of the Faculty, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor TB  Suleimenova.

 The fifth report on the topic: The use of innovative technologies in the teaching of laboratory work on the example of laboratory work in the discipline "Organization of transportation and traffic management" senior lecturer.  Dolgova M.V., senior lecturer.  Aitkhozhina A.S.



 Speakers drew the audience's attention to the importance in the information society age of increasing the effectiveness of the classes, the use of a student-centered approach by teachers and the need to computerize the educational process.  Using specialized programs on PC and online makes the learning process at school and university not only instructive and informative, but also exciting.  That is why we are seeing significant changes in the model of the teacher, who today performs a guiding function and takes an observant position.

The final stage of the meeting of the methodological decade was the discussion of the participants - the university faculty on modern technologies and approaches in the organization of the educational process and the use of laboratory equipment in the classroom.

 The students suggested that the university leadership, in particular, conduct courses to teach the faculty of the university the use of multimedia technologies in the educational process and interactive whiteboards for classes.