At the faculty of standardization and certification, celebrated the "New Year"

On March 20, 2018, the CAC-23 group of the Eurasian National University held an open curatorial hour within the framework of the topic "Armysin al-Nauryz".

The goal of an open curatorial hour is to strengthen Nauryz's character, which is carried out within the framework of the national tradition, to improve communication, traditions and customs of nature and people. Education of Kazakh customs, respect for our language and religion, morality.

Among the festive holidays - "New Year" - "Nauryz" for our people among the ancient Kazakh steppes, characteristic of the Turkic peoples, as well as historical and spiritual continuity.

Nauryz is a holiday of ancient times, as March 22 is equivalent to day and night, nature is reborn, and a new life begins. The word "Nauryz" (new-new, Ruz-kun) comes from Persian. People of Central Asia celebrated it for thousands of years as New Year's Eve. Later, the religion of Islam was respected by the long tradition of nations and adopted Nauryz as a holiday. For example, Mashkhur Zhusip Kopeevich analyzes the place and history of the March holiday in the Kazakh language in the article "Noah, Nauryz Tarihi" and says that "when Kazakh was Kazakh, he was the only holiday dedicated to himself, a holiday. On this day there will be a book for March, in which housewives will teach. The title of the book, which he describes in March, is "Saldama." It will be a blessing every day and a blessing from the speakers. When the maid read the book, people began to cry: "Amin!". Then they come and say: "People will go forward, and the herds will grow, and the bush will grow."

Open curatorial hours began with poems about interesting information and traditions about "Nauryz Meiramy - Nauryz Meiramy!" Students asked questions of the quiz to the teaching staff of the department and gave a gift for the correct answer. On New Year's night of the Kazakh people Nauryz's main kitchen was presented to the teachers of the group "SaS-23". The students were acquainted with the traditions of such celebrations as Shayuuu, Tusau-Keser, Shashu, Kelinskaya Shooting and Blessing. During an open lesson, these traditions were viewed as a reflection. During the show, students and teachers danced "Kara Jorga" dances and sang the song "Nauryz Duman".

After the presentation, the chairman of the chair of standardization and certification, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Tulubay Zeynolla Tuleubayuly also received a blessing. On behalf of the students of the group "SaS-23" was shown the song of the group "Saryn" "Children at home" and a video clip is shown. At the end of the open lesson, the head of the department, doctor of technical sciences, professor Bayhozhayeva Bakhytkul Uzakovna congratulated students and teachers on the holiday Nauryz and wished them new successes in the new year. The students thanked them and photographed their memories.