Professor from Austria Sigfrid Peter Ladnorg gives lectures for master students of transport and energy faculty

Invited Professor, PhD Siegfried Peter Ladnorg has been lecturing at the Department of Standardization, certification and Metrology of the faculty of transport and energy since September 10, 2019. The Professor has large experience in the industry: he developed and implemented quality management systems at machine-building enterprises in the countries of near and far abroad. For many years Siegfried Peter Ladnorg was a scientific adviser of innovation projects.

His lectures «International Standards for Sustainable Development» are particularly interesting. It is important for our Kazakhstan, which is on the path to building a «green economy». In his lectures Professor raises the problem of sustainable development of small and medium-sized cities of Kazakhstan. His lectures touch upon the problem of rational use of resources, innovative development of our country. With good training in the implementation of scientific results in the production process, our masters will always be in demand. Future masters have the opportunity not only to study the best foreign experience of commercialization of scientific results, but also to improve their English.


Professor Siegfried Peter Ladnorg has conducted several seminars for the teaching staff of the Department, consulted  master students on a new area of their dissertation research.

 Professor Siegfried Peter Ladnorg together with our professors prepared 2 articles for publication in journals with high impact factor.