Representatives of the «Astana motors»company visited ENU and met with students of the «Transport, transport equipment and technologies» department.

In the assembly hall of the Faculty of Architecture and Construction building of the«Astana motors» company representatives with students of the «Transport, transport equipment and technologies» department was held.

Tynys Suleimenov, the dean of Transport and Energy faculty beganwith the opening speech.

It is needed to think about finding a job already in the process of training, as far as your competence, knowledge and skills correspond to the current needs of the company.

The Tulemisova Aizhan Zhanabayevna, the regional director of the «Lexus Astana» official dealer center as a representative of the company «Astana motors» company told about the advantages of the «Astana motors» company what kind of the knowledge and skills are needed to have to become an employee of their company, the approximate salary and career opportunities.

Developing professional skills, improving qualifications and level you can always count on an increase in income. Before you become a boss, you must first show yourself as an excellent specialist.

After her speech, students were asked questions.