Screening of the film «Mukhamedzhan Tynyshbayev: the project of the century» in the 5th student house

The screening of the full-length scientific and educational documentary «MukhamedzhanTynyshbayev: The Project of the Century», dedicated to the socio-political activities of the prominent figure of Alash, the first railway engineer of Kazakh origin MukhamedzhanTynyshbayev, took place in the cinema hall of the student house 5.

            The event was attended by: students and undergraduates and teachers of the department «Organization of transportation, traffic and operation of transport», President of the Fund «Mukhamedzhan Tynyshbayev» NurshakenZhunusova, adviser and director of the film, grandson of the activist Zhanabek Zhetiruov, author and director of the drama about Mukhamedzhan Tynyshbayev, People's Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan YersayynToleubai, author of the script and the producer of the film BazargulAbduldina, Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor of KazNU named after Al FarabiZhugenbayevaGulbanu, director of the Department of Jastar ENU named after L.N., GumilyovaZh.Tilepov and other guests. They told the students about the moral life and activities of an outstanding personality.

            The full-length film was shot for the 140th anniversary of the birth of the Prime Minister of the Kokand autonomy, deputy of the II State Duma in 1907 MukhamedzhanTynyshbayev. GulbanaZhugenbayeva, a professor at the Kazakh National University, an Alash scholar who defended her PhD thesis on the life and work of MukhamedzhanTynyshbayev, as well as her doctoral thesis on the historical views of the Alash intelligentsia, took part in the film and shared her thoughts.

            According to the organizers, the film was shown for the purpose of patriotic education of the younger generation, popularization of ideas and the rich heritage of the figures of the Alash movement.

            The student youth received vivid impressions from watching the film. As the 3rd year student of OP 6B11302-«Logistics by industry» Alzhanova Anel Rustamovna said: «I liked the film, I learned a lot about the difficult life of Mukhamedzhan Tynyshbayev, his inner world and activities for the benefit of the Kazakh people. The character and energy of the hero inspires every citizen of Kazakhstan. The filmmakers were able to fully reveal the identity of MukhamedzhanTynyshbayev».

            Dean of the Faculty of Transport and Energy, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor T.B. Suleimenov also noted that the film turned out to be very touching. «The picture made a very strong impression on me. I learned a lot for myself and learned about new facts of life M..Tynyshbaeva. This film awakens national consciousness, in my opinion, all students should see it».