First exams of the spring semester of the Department of "ODM&TO"

On May 8, the first intermediate certification exams of the spring semester of the 2019-2020 academic year in Online format began at the Department of transport and energy, Department of transportation, traffic Management and operation of transport. A total of 10 exams were held at the Department, most of which were oral and matrix.


Much attention was paid to the organization of intermediate and final certification, preparatory work was carried out. Staff of the Department studied adopted internal regulations on the organization of academic work, namely, the new documents: "guidelines for organizing intermediate and final attestation using technologies of distance learning", "Algorithm of work of the technical secretaries of organization of final certification", "Algorithm of putting the final assessment of students".


A number of webinars and training seminars on the organization and conduct of intermediate and final certification were held for the teaching staff, students, and technical secretaries of the Department.

As a result of the organizational work, the first day of the examination session was held at a good level. Independent examiners took part in the examinations, and the level of participation of students, in general, is very high. All 113 students and undergraduates took part in the exams held at the Department.

Thanks to such well-coordinated organized work, there is full confidence in the successful conduct of the examination session, I wish good luck to all teachers and students of the Department!