Open lesson at the department of "Transport, transport equipment and technology"

An open lesson was held by teacher A. Ibrayeva with students of the TTEaT-32 on the topic: «Familiarization with the multiplexed motor control system using the CAN bus» at 16:10 onOctober 22, 2018.

The aim of the lesson was to study the work of the internal combustion engine, with the familiarization of the design features, the work of individual components and assemblies of the engine presented on the stand.

At the lesson the work of the internal combustion engine depending on the applied load by changing the accelerator readingswas demonstrated, as well as changes in the engine temperature readings of the «Multiplexing engine control system» simulation engine.

The teacher reviewed the work of the stand, presented the front panel of the stand, the main assemblies and components, the sensors of the vehicle engine control system.

In the laboratory class, students carried out fixation from the stand of the main indicators from the sensors of the control system of the stand, depending on changes in the readings of the accelerator load sensor and changes in the engine temperature readings, specified characteristics of the engine operation. In general, students showed active participation in the consideration of the above topicduring the class, in addition, many issues of interest to students were considered.