Open curatorial hour at the Department "Transport, transport equipment and technology" on the theme: "Religious extremism-a threat to peace and stability!"

The open curatorial hour was attended by the head of the Department, doctor of technical Sciences, Professor B. B. Togizbayeva; chief specialist of the Department of social support, religious scholar M. Daribay; groups Tttit -12, Tttit-13 and curator Arpabekova a.m. 

 Chief specialist of the Department of social support, religious scholar M. Daribay: 

In General, the problem of extremism, in its various manifestations, is becoming relevant in the world. In world practice, extremism is activated in every society and state in solving social, economic, political and religious, environmental and other urgent problems.  According to experts, extremism is manifested in economically developed and politically stable countries.

"The first sign of extremism is the insistence of a person to fulfill his views, thoughts based on ignorance, manifestation. Such people do not understand or do not want to understand the needs of others and the state of truth. The second reason for extremists is that they tend to overreact in every case, even when there is no need. In others pushes.


      As a result, normal relations between people are violated, retreat from a harmonious way of life in society, contribute to the emergence of social unrest. The third kind of extremist manifestation arises from suspicion and distrust of people who are not observed in the external view." Currently, the main cause of discord between country and country, state and state, people is the presence of false religions.

First-year students of 12 and 13 groups 

Department " Transport, transport equipment and technology»