On November 29, 2018 at 15:00 o'clock in the 140th audience group SIS-21, 22 organized open curator hour on the theme "There Is No Corruption".

On open curator hour took part: head of the department "Standardization and certification" Baykhozhayeva B.U., associate professors Akhmedyanov A.U., Kirgizbayeva K.Zh., Karbayev N.K., Haymuldinova A.K., senior teacher Kosanova I.M., Dzhumadilova N.M., teachers Akhmediova A.K., Altayeva T.A., Arpabekova A.M., Mamykov M. O.

The head of the department, "Standardization and certification", Baykhozhayeva Bakhytgul Uzakovna expressed the opinion obout corruption. Corruption – is familiar for a long time to mankind, it becomes stronger over time. It is very heavy to resist to corruption as corruption takes root in that place where there is money. Today it is one of serious problems. As well as other developing countries, this problem concerned also us.

The president of the Republic Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev in the message "The strategy of inclusion of Kazakhstan to number of 50 most competitive countries of the world. Kazakhstan on a threshold of new breakthrough forward in the development" emphasized need of consecutive implementation of the national comprehensive program on fight against corruption as threats of national security and public stability.

Within ten years from the moment of adoption of law "About fight against corruption" anti-corruption is consistently carried out. On a constant basis work on improvement of legality in the solution of current problems and measures in this direction is carried out. Further the text of the report was read.

The speaker completely answered questions which were asked. Students expressed the opinion too.

Associate professors Akhmedyanov A.U., Kirgizbayeva K.Zh. finished open hour with closing words.