Open curatorial hour of the Department of OTT&TO on the topic: "The importance of interethnic harmony"

On April 4, 2022, an open curatorial hour was held at the Department of Transportation, Traffic and Transport Exploitation with the OPDiET-33 group on the topic: "The Importance of Interethnic Harmony" (curator - teacher Orazalina AB).

Goal: to foster a sense of tolerance, philosophical and critical attitude to the surrounding reality, to promote spiritual improvement and self-realization, to strengthen the sense of Kazakh patriotism.

Objectives: to familiarize with the main goals, signs of extremist groups, to reveal the causes of the emergence and spread of extremism; consider the legislative framework of the Republic of Kazakhstan on countering extremism; strengthen the correct life position of the future teacher of preschool organizations and primary school teachers.

One of the key areas of the fight against terrorist and extremist manifestations in the public environment is their prevention.

It is especially important to carry out such preventive work among young people, since it is this environment that, due to a number of different factors, is one of the most vulnerable to the negative influence of various anti-social and criminal groups.

Religious extremism in Kazakhstan is a phenomenon that has not manifested itself on a large scale. There are no internal prerequisites for terrorist and extremist manifestations on the territory of the republic due to the lack of a social and political base, which is facilitated by the balanced policy pursued by the leadership of our country. The preservation of tolerance and interethnic harmony is the most important factor in ensuring peace, stability and economic progress in Kazakhstan. "

The curator of the group, A.B. Orazalina, noted that recently the country has been actively campaigning for many non-traditional religious organizations.

The fact of our life is the presence of about 4,000 officially registered religious associations representing 46 faiths. Over the years of independence, the number of Orthodox parishes has quadrupled, and Catholic parishes have doubled. The country has more than 1000 missions and houses of worship of Protestant associations, 27 Jewish communities.

In this regard, dear teachers and students should be vigilant and get knowledge in the field of religions, it is from representatives of the Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of Kazakhstan.