April 28-29 2020, the Department "Organization of transportations, movements and transport operation" conducted online using video conferencing on the Microsoft platform Teams final conference on externship of students of 4th year, group "OPDET-41" and "OPDET-43", as well as received by email, electronic records, and scans of the diaries and schedules.

The conference was attended by the head of the Department "organization of transport, traffic and operation of transport" Arpabekov M. I., responsible for practices Dolgov M. V., head of the Department of practices and business partnership of the ENU Named after L. N. Gumilyov, Kilibayev U. K., 4th-year graduates (21 students).

At the conference, the head of the Department of practices U. K. Kilibayeva, head of the Department Professor M. I. Arpabekov made a welcome speech.during 2 working days of the final conference, students ' reports on their pre-graduate practice, which took place from "6" January to "25" April 2020, were received online. In addition to online reports, students submitted electronic reports and scans of diaries.

The Commission for receiving reports in the person of Arpabekov M. I., Dolgov M. V., Bobeyev A. B. approved the reports of the pre-graduate practice of students of the 4th year.