Online lesson of senior teacher Dolgov M. V.

Faculty of the Department "organization of transport, traffic, and operation of transport" of the faculty of transport and energy actively practices conducting lectures Online using the Zoom application.



On March 23, 2020, an Online lesson was held by senior teacher Maxim Dolgov in front of students of the group "B2-90100-02" on the discipline "technology of mechanization of loading and unloading operations on transport". Topic: "Technology and mechanization of loading and unloading of forest cargo". The topic of the lecture was devoted to the description of cargo types and types of warehouses, typical schemes for automating the process of loading and unloading, where the lecturer demonstrated and discussed with students the features and prospects for the development of this field of production.


Online lectures are now available thanks to the Zoom app. The main advantages of such lectures include high efficiency due to the use of convenient tools. First of all, these are presentations, tests, videos, chat, screen displays, and the ability to repeatedly review the lesson. No one is late for lectures – thanks to the mobile app, you can connect to the class even from your mobile phone.