Online defense of scientific and practical reports at the department “Transport, transport equipment and technologies”

03.04.2020 at the Department "Transport, transport equipment and technologies" in the online broadcast mode, the defense of research practice reports was held. The webinar was attended by 27 people: the department of career and business partnership, head of practice Kilibaev Ural Kalieva, head of Department "transport, Transport equipment and technology", doctor of Sciences, Professor Togizbayeva B. B., head masters associate Professor PhD. Alipbaev Zh.R., the members of the Commission: doctor of sciences, professor Sazambaeva B.T., PhD, Professor Makhanov M.M., PhD, associate Professor Karaganov A.A., PhD, associate Professor Kosybaev Zh.Z., PhD. associate Professor Zhalgasbekov A.Z., PhD, associate Professor Kokaev U.Sh. and masters who reports on research practice.