Online meeting with students of the Department "ODM & ET"

On April 16, 2020, from 11.00 to 12.00, there was an online meeting of the Dean of the transport and energy faculty, Tynys Sulemyenov, with the teaching staff of the Department "Organization of traffic transportation and operation of transport" and students on the topic "Organization of the educational process with the use of remote educational technologies". The meeting was attended by more than 110 people, including the head of the Department, curators of groups and advisors, as well as the technical Secretary of the Department for GAK Ibraeva B. S., students.

The Dean of the faculty of transport and energy made a welcoming speech. He noted that the faculty quickly and efficiently switched to distance learning, highlighting the best teachers who have successfully mastered remote technologies and thanked students for their active participation in DOT classes.

Participants of the online meeting showed genuine interest in asking questions about the organization of final certification, summer semester, and practical training in the summer.

Full and meaningful answers were received to all the questions asked.

In turn, the student of the group OPD-21 Mazhitov M., OPD-23 Turganbayev Zh. OPD-21 Baitasov M., student Log-13 Abuyev A. N. asked questions and expressed gratitude to the leadership of the faculty, Department for all-round support, as well as a prompt resolution of emerging issues.

The meeting was also attended by Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs of the faculty Sansyzbayeva Z. K., head of the Department for academic Affairs Aitkhozhina A. S., curator of the 1st year Zhomartov R. A. and others.