On April 20, 2020, the 4th year graduates of the direction "organization of transport, traffic and operation of transport" met with employers. Representatives of employers –the international company "Sonora Forwarder" and the Logistics company "Jet Logistic" - were invited to the meeting.

The following issues were discussed at the meeting:

1. Monitoring of employment of graduates of the direction "organization of transport, traffic, and operation of transport":

2. performance of employers:

3. Online interview with graduates:

4. Questions and answers.

The international company "Sonora Forwarder" was presented by the Executive Director of the international master's degree, holder of two diplomas (except our Riga technical University) Asiltaev Alimzhan Asanuly.

The Deputy head of the logistics company "Jet Logistic" spoke at the meeting. Director Tolegen Olzhas Normally.

Head of the Department "organization of transport, traffic, and operation of transport" Arpabekov M. I., opening the meeting, noted that this format of the meeting (online), despite its unusual, has its positive aspects. First, there is the opportunity to interview with several employers. Second, the excitement factor of the applicant for the vacant position is reduced.

"Monitoring of employment of our graduates of the specialty 5B090100 -" organization of transportation, traffic and operation of transport " of the past years shows that the percentage of employment is quite high, at 100 %). However, as the results of the rating of the NCE "Atameken" show, the salaries of our graduates leave much to be desired (about 140 thousand tenge). We are currently on the 16th place in the "Atameken" rating among 26 universities that train specialists in this area.

The Department is doing a lot of work to solve this problem. Educational programs are developed in accordance with professional standards, meetings with employers are constantly held, and surveys of graduates of previous years are conducted. Many employers invite to work graduates who have passed their practice and have shown themselves to be the best.

Alimzhan Asanuly in his speech stressed the problems of employability of graduates with the required competencies. Specialists have required not only knowledge but also the ability to adapt to the workforce, communication skills, etc. Our company's requirements are high, it goes through three stages, as well as the requirement of knowledge of the language. We are waiting for an interview, there are vacancies. Applicants are sufficiently motivated, active, and try to perform their work efficiently, but the average salary needs to be adjusted. There is a problem. But we do not advocate this approach," said the employer master Asiltaev A.

In his speech, the Deputy Director of the logistics company "Jet Logistic" Olzhas Nurbolatuly touched upon the issues of employment of graduates, very detailed and detailed about the organization of work in warehouse logistics, which is ranked # 1 in Nur-Sultan. In his speech, he noted that there are vacancies, we are waiting for the candidates ' resumes, and we are currently expanding. You can always find a job if you have the necessary knowledge and skills.

I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that many enterprises are currently operating remotely during the quarantine period. The situation, of course, with enterprises is not clear. It is difficult to say how the situation will be after the quarantine. Perhaps many will switch to a new format of work. You will need digital skills.

During the meeting, an online interview was conducted with graduates whose resumes were previously sent to employers by email.

Future graduates asked questions. It was decided to use the online interview more actively.