On April 24, 2020, the faculty of transport and energy held a job Fair-2020. The event was attended by the Department "organization of transport, traffic and operation of transport" Executive Director of the international company "Sonora Forwarder" master of double-degree education (Riga Technical University) Asiltaev Alimzhan Asanuly and Deputy Director of logistics company "Jet Logistic" master of Tolegen, Oozes Normally and 4th-year students bachelor's, master's Department and of the faculty.

The meeting was attended by the Dean of the faculty of transport and energy Suleimenov T. B., head of the Department Arpabekov M. I., employment coordinator of the Department Ibraeva B. S. and graduates of 2020: 2nd-year undergraduates (scientific and pedagogical direction), 4th-year bachelors (Opdiet group-41,42,43).

The meeting was held on the Zoom platform in the format of an interactive conversation, graduates asked questions about the rules for granting the right to self-employment, exemption from the obligation to work on the basis of a state educational order.

Employers were able to tell students about the specifics of their organizations and the requirements for the competencies of potential job seekers in an online format. A number of vacancies suitable for graduates of our Department were also offered.

Such meetings and conferences are aimed at familiarizing graduate students with the Law. Graduates can ask all questions about employment to the coordinator of the Department and the Dean of the faculty Suleimenov T. B.