Education at Riga Technical University as part of the academic mobility program

Students of the department “Organization of transport, traffic and transport operation ” completed the autumn semester of studies at the Riga Technical University (RTU) of the Republic of Latvia as part of bilateral cooperation with the Eurasian National University. RTU is the oldest of the existing universities in Eastern Europe, 8 faculties of which offer a full range of technical education in engineering.

Great help in training is provided by the scientific library of the RTU, which contains a huge data base with the necessary educational information, as well as a huge assortment of books. The first floor of the library is open around the clock for all students.

In RTU, both local and foreign teachers share their knowledge. During the training, students attended lectures and practical classes of the Director of the Institute of Transport of the RTU, Professor Marek Mezetis. With hispractical exercises in the form of term papers, hesh owed in detail and told student show engineers see the station.

Their program also included a visit to the Riga-Krasta freight station, where he explained with a vivid and vivid example the process of braking freight rolling stock. Students also saw how the whole process of the work of the freight station goes. The professors hared his knowledge of building a schematic plan of the station. In addition, Marek Mesetis surprised students with his responsiveness, support. Despite his busy schedule, heap pointed additional hours, on which he explained obscure moments after the lectures, and helped tounder stand the details of the completion of term papers. Students are sure that they returned with a useful bag of knowledge that will help in further practice.


In their freetime, students visited not only the main attraction soft he city, but also got acquainted with the beautiful nature of Latvia. They visited cities such as Sigulda, Ventspils, Jurmala. Indeed, thanks to the developed transport of Latvia, you can reach any town in Latvia at an affordable price for a ticket, as well as in a short time. Having visited the secities, the guys learned a lot of new things not only about the nature of the country, but also about the work of the railway transport and the structure of the Ventspils port.

Riga is an important international transport hub in the Baltic Sea region. The main transport in the out skirts of the city is the railway station, from where trains leave for St. Petersburg, Minsk, Kaunas and Vilnius.