The Atameken NPP conducts the third year Rating of educational programs of universities of Kazakhstan by order of the Ministry of Education and Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Ranking is carried out according to 17 criteria, which are included in three blocks: "Career prospects of graduates," "Quality of educational programs" and "Achievements of students."

In 2020, the study covered 2,000 educational programs, analyzed the employment of 68 thousand graduates, involved more than 600 industry experts from all regions of Kazakhstan. As a result, 6 thousand expert opinions were received for 108 universities.

Of the 43 educational programs submitted (49%), 21 ENU educational programs were among the top three.

3 place was taken by 6 educational programs:

6B11301 Organization of transport, traffic and operation of transport;

6B04108 Accounting, analysis and audit;

6B05301 Applied chemistry;

6B03102 International relations;

6B07311 Geodesy and cartography;

6B06102 Computer science.

In early February, Vice-Rector for Academic Work Yerkin Ongarbayev congratulated the heads of departments, whose educational programs took second and third places.

Erkin Ongarbayev said that one of the tools of competition development is participation in the ranking of educational programs among universities, which allows you to determine how much educational programs of universities are oriented to the real market, and also wished to further improve  educational programs and occupy leading positions in the ratings. As a result of a competency-based discussion, 30 per cent of the subjects taught are updated and updated.

The program is certified by specialized accreditation and annually participates in national quality ratings conducted by independent accreditation and rating agencies, occupying leading positions among the best universities in the country.

The contingent of students in this educational program is about 215 students, among them more than 48 holders of the Altyn Belgi sign, which is 23% of the total number of students. The number of students studying on the basis of a state order is more than 175 people or more than 82% of the contingent. Among the students there are winners of republican competitions of scientific projects and subject olympiads. Every year, students travel through academic mobility programs to leading foreign universities and receive extensive experience in training and performing scientific work. The employment of graduates is on average about 100%.

The educational program 6V11301 - "Organization of transport, traffic and operation of transport" is developed and taught at the department "Organization of transport, movement and operation of transport." The quality of educational services provided by the department's specialists is high, as evidenced by positive reviews and the results of annual surveys of both students and employers and databases of industrial practices. The department annually expands the list of educational organizations and partner organizations for conducting student practices on their bases. The content of the educational program is agreed with the representatives of the production and the objects are examined. The department has a branch on the basis of the bus fleet No. 1 of Nur- Sultan, with which close cooperation and cooperation are carried out.

Students have many opportunities for scientific and educational contacts during their studies, individual consultations and scientific guidance. Students go to production practices, participate in scientific projects, scientific conferences and competitions. The international relations of the department are very wide, these are direct contacts with universities in the Czech Republic, Latvia, Germany, Russia, Belarus. Students have extensive opportunities for high-quality training and the development of all the necessary professional competencies.

The Department "Organization of Transportation, Traffic and Operation of Transport" will continue to make efforts to improve the educational program and other implemented programs and achieve world-class quality.