About the prevention of the use of psychotropic substances by students

On November 9, 2018, a meeting of students of the transport and energy faculty was held with Sergey Sergeevich, the head of the unit of  Anti-Drug Administrationof the Astana City Police Department on the topic: “Prevention of criminal offenses against public health and morality. Prevention of adolescent drug addiction.


The event was attended by the First Deputy Chairman of the "Nur" branch of the "Nur Otan" the consignment Abdukadyrovich Nazarov, the dean of the transport and energy faculty  Tynys Bulekbaevich Suleimenov, the deputy dean of the TEF for work with students Makpal Adlikanovna Dzhaksymbetova.



The meeting was held in the format of free communication "Question-Answer", where students could ask questions on the topic of the event.

The purpose of the event is to form students' valuable, responsible attitude to their health, to learn how to counter attempts to engage in the use of narcotic and synthetic substances, form their own opinion and to defend it.



Sergey Sergeevich spoke in detail about the consequences of the use of narcotic substances, and what criminal penalties follow for these violations. The lecturer noted that since 2015, all offenses related to narcotic drugs are qualified as criminal offenses; these violations do not fall under administrative responsibility; urged young people to engage in a healthy lifestyle.



During the lecture, there was videos which showed how much drugs have a devastating effect not only on health, but also on the personality of the person and his family, exerting a destructive influence on interaction with society.



Summing up the meeting, the dean of the faculty TB Suleimenov thanked S.S. Ilinykh for extensive information about the state of advocacy among students and prevention of crime, called on students for a healthy lifestyle, because it gives good results in all spheres of life.