On the transport and energy faculty, party tickets were handed to the new members of the Nur Otan Party


The event was attended by N. Dosymzhanov, First Deputy Chairman of the branch "Nur" of the party "Nur Otan", Chairman of the Primary Party Organization "Transport" TB. Suleimenov. During the ceremony, N. Dosymzhanov congratulated the new party members and noted that joining the party is not a momentary issue, but an expression of a person's civil position, the result of his thoughtful  decision.




"Entering the ranks of Nur Otan, you become part of a party that has become an evolutionary, dominant, truly popular political force, oriented toward long-term leadership. He also said that "the main task of all «Nur Otan» men is to strengthen the unity of our people, to prove their political leadership on a daily basis, to be at the head of the fateful processes of modernizing the economy, the state and all aspects of society." I am confident that for each of you these words will become not only a party but also a life credo, "he said. Suleimenov.




"It is a great honor for me to join the ranks of the party" Nur Otan ", the party of our President, with which people from Kazakhstan connect their future. However, this is a huge responsibility - said the first-year student Salimgereev Ayan.





N. Dosymzhanov noted that the PPO "Transport" is an active cell for the formation of patriotic education of the future generation.