As part of the decade of science ENU on April 6, 2018 at the Department of "Standardization and certification" of the faculty of transport and energy was held a scientific seminar.  The seminar was devoted to the issues of technical regulation of standardization in modern conditions.

The seminar was attended by leading experts of the system of technical regulation of Kazakhstan, the teaching staff of the Department and students.

The head of state Nursultan Nazarbayev noted the importance of the active introduction of digital technologies for the development of the country's economy. In this context, they noted that"an important condition for the development of new industries is to support innovation and rapid introduction of them into production." With the help of "digital" technologies it is possible to optimize or automate any industry and sphere of activity. Different content and concepts of technological solutions should be mutually linked. The efficiency of enterprises ' use of digital technologies will determine the future level of economic growth of countries.

This task is impossible without the development of standards and other regulations, as they laid down technical standards, quality indicators, test methods. The standards include all the best solutions, innovations, which are also economically feasible, compatible and safe. In other words, the standards promote innovation by acting as an accelerator of their implementation, as well as determine the innovative development of countries in the future.

Thus, the role of standardization in the" digital " economy is undoubtedly important.  In order to encourage businesses and manufacturing to the implementation of digital technologies need standards, which will introduce advanced technologies.

In Kazakhstan, within the framework of international organizations in the field of ISO and IEC standardization, work has been started in the following areas: "Smart City", "Digital transformation in economic sectors", etc.They are integrated into the implementation of the state program "Digital Kazakhstan", the main purpose of which is the progressive development of the digital ecosystem to achieve sustainable economic growth, improve the competitiveness of the economy and the nation, improve the quality of life.

The work on the development and application of "artificial intelligence" standards in various technological fields is of particular relevance now. Our country has a Technical committee on standardization № 34 "Information technology".

This Technical committee, according to the participants of the scientific seminar, is one of the main tools of normative and technical development of the digital economy in Kazakhstan.

With regard to the training of specialists for the digital economy, unfortunately,there is a lack of competent specialists in the field of standardization of the digital economy. The working curricula of universities should include disciplines that form the necessary competencies. According to the participants of the scientific seminar, It is necessary to develop the concept of standardization in the field of digital economy.

Such issues as improvement of quality infrastructure, the role of marketing in standardization, branding of domestic products were discussed at the seminar.