An open curatorial hour on the topic «Family is a place of happiness» held at the «Transport, transport equipment and technology» department according to the department plan of curator hours.

The family is the main link of the state. Upbringing begins from the family, the love of future generations for the country, for the Motherland is formed, above all, under the influence of parents. As they say, «The condition enters from the door, and the mind from the cradle» the cradle of knowledge begins at school, and the cradle of upbringing from the family. Family support is an excellent father and a caring mother. Helping elders and parents, as well as fulfill the maternal debt and the work of the father is considered our duty. At the curatorial hour on the topic «Family is a place of happiness», such topics as raising a child and his/her all-round development were discussed.

To determine the value of family happiness and understanding, in each family these are important: the role of the parents and the child, and the development of a peculiar style of relations between the parent and the child.

As they say, «Family is a sacred hearth» every family wants a beautiful «smoke» to rise from its «hearth». In order for the hearth of fire in the house didn’t go out, family members must say pleasant and warm words to each other, express love, and also show respect. And all these qualities are located in our heart.

Raising a child begins with a cradle. Once upon a time, one person had a child. When the child was 6 months old, he asked the genius when to begin and how to raise a child. Then the genius answered him: «If your child is 6 months old, then you are 6 months late».

Therefore, each parent should bring to the child how the bread earned with difficulty is delicious, control the bad habits and words of the child, give free time, and explain all the problems with warm words.

The child should talk and discuss with parents the problems that concern him, and also he should not forget that the parents are worried about the child and do not wish him harm.