At the Department "Transport, transport equipment and technologies" open educational hour on the topic "Religious literacy – the beginning of education".

Report of an open educational hour on the topic" religious literacy – the beginning of education "with the participation of the chief specialist, religious scholar of the Department of social support M. Daribay on 22.09.2020 at the department" transport, transport equipment and technologies " senior teacher Tuimebay A. S. 2,3 course students



1. Senior Lecturer of the department" transport, transport equipment and technologies " Tuimebay A. S.:

Religious extremism and terrorism are becoming one of the main problems of the XXI century. There is a growing trend of alien movements from traditional religions that encourage terrorist acts.

At the same time, Elbasy N. A. Nazarbayev noted: "there are problems of terrorism, separatism and extremism in Kazakhstan. Especially considering that international terrorism is widespread and the international community and regions are politicized, combined with political, social and economic issues, the threat posed by them is not a fictional, but a real and real threat to life."

Religious terrorism and extremism are not phenomena that appeared yesterday and today. Religious extremism and terrorism in Central Asia have a huge impact on Kazakhstan.

"In accordance with the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan" "on religious activities and religious associations"", adopted in 2011, in addition, by the decree of the head of state, the state program on countering religious extremism and terrorism for 2018-2022 was approved in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the main purpose of the program is to ensure the security of a person, society and the state by preventing manifestations of religious extremism and preventing threats of terrorism."

Chief specialist, religious scholar of the Department of social support M. Daribay:

The problem of extremism in general, in its various manifestations, is becoming a topical issue around the world. In the world practice, extremism is activated in every society and state in the process of solving social, economic, political and religious, environmental and other topical issues. In addition, extremism can be found in economically developed and politically stable countries.

"The first sign of extremism is a persistent demand for the implementation of one's own views, opinions based on ignorance, prejudice. Such people do not understand or do not want to understand the needs and realities of other people. The second reason for extremists is that they tend to go to extremes in everything, even if it is not necessary. It also encourages others to do so.

As a result, normal relations between people are disrupted, deviating from the harmonious channel of existence in society, causing the birth of social unrest. The third type of extremist manifestation, which is not visible from the outside, is born out of suspicion and distrust of people." "I don't know," he said, " but I'm sure you'll find it hard to believe."

2.made a slide on the topic" religious and Ruhani zhangyru", introduced students to the main tasks.

Students of the group shared their opinions on the topic: "religious extremism is a threat to peace and stability!"we discussed what measures we can implement to eliminate religious ignorance in our country.