At standardization and certification department within a decade of science there took place the seminar


On the fifth of April at Standardization and Certification department the scientific seminar took place. The speaker – the teacher of department Arpabekova Ayman.

There were a faculty of department and undergraduates.

The teacher in detail stated on development of the SMQ model, types of technology for a self-assessment and its use in the international accreditation. 

During a scientific seminar by students and the faculty of SaS department the interesting questions were asked about this report.

The first model - English - at the university is implemented an internal self-assessment of the academic community. This model works generally in Great Britain and Latin America;

The second model - "French" - the appropriate public authorities regulating development of higher education institutions in these countries. In particular, the model defines the most important aspects of assessment of public authorities at formulation of the purposes of assessment in France, Scandinavia, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Estonia and other countries, decision-making in educational process. This model is based on external assessment of the university by means of licensing, certification, accreditation;

The third model is the most successful combination of the first two models обеСеминар a quality prospecheniye - "American". In the USA the system of a self-assessment is well developed. Unlike the countries where education is regulated by public authorities, the American higher education is generally controlled by educational institutions. The procedure of accreditation of higher educational institutions is carried out by regional associations of the universities and colleges.

The seminar took place in a constructive and creative situation.