Promotion of employment of graduates and their professional orientation have always been and remain an important component in the work of the Department "Standardization and certification" of transport and energy faculty. The Department closely cooperates with enterprises of various branches, in particular, round tables and meetings with representatives of enterprises and graduates are held. The subject of cooperation is different: development of educational programs, scientific seminars, practice questions, employment, etc.

 So this year the Department held several meetings with employers. It should be noted the meeting of 4th year students with Shibkenov  Zeynulla Rakhimovich - Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Akmola car repair plant" JSC, Deputy of Astana maslikhat, member of "Nur Otan" party faction.

Briefly about the employer:


Education, specialty (qualification), licenses: Higher. Graduated from the Omsk Institute of railway engineers in 1990. Specialty " mechanical Engineer»


Installer  (1970-1982);

The instructor of industrial Department, the head industrially-transport Department of the Soviet district Committee of party (1982);

Instructor of the Department of organizational and party work Tselinograd regional Committee of the Communist party of Kazakhstan;

Referent of the Department on the work of the Council and of the permanent commissions of the regional Council of people's deputies;

Deputy Chairman of the state Committee on privatization of Akmola region;

President of JSC "Prominvest»;

The employee of JSC "Akmola car repair plant" (1998-2009): rehabilitation Manager of JSC "Akmola car repair plant", the Vice-President of JSC"Akmola car repair plant»;

General Director of JSC Akmola car repair plant (since 2009). Member of the Board of Directors of JSC Akmola car repair plant.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC Akmola car repair plant»

Elective office, an MP:

The Deputy of Astana city maslikhat of the fifth convocation (2012);

The Deputy of maslikhat of Astana city of the sixth convocation (2016);

Member of the standing Committee of Astana maslikhat on budget, economy, industry and entrepreneurship.

Party affiliation: member of "Nur Otan"Party.

State and international awards, prizes, honorary titles:

The Order "Kurmet»;

The Order "Parasat»;

The jubilee medal of Kazakhstan: Kazakhstan Respublikasynyn TUESDA 20 years /2011/, of the Constitution of Kazakhstan-20 years /2015/ Kazakhstan mcelhattan 20 years /2015/,   

Letter of thanks From the President of Kazakhstan (2001);

The title of "Honorary railroad" (2011)

Zeynulla Rakhimovich acquainted graduates with the activities of the enterprise and provided information about available vacancies. Z.R. Shibkenov also spoke about the possibility of practical training in structural subdivisions of the company.

The guest told about himself, his working biography. He touched upon the issue of the formation of the industry of sovereign Kazakhstan, shared memories of the student years.

Students asked questions concerning professional and career development.  Future specialists in the field of standardization, Metrology and certification showed great interest, many asked their questions and expressed a desire to undergo training at the enterprise.  The meeting was held in a warm and informative atmosphere. The issues of employment, organization of excursions and practical training at the enterprise were solved.

Thank you, dear Zeynulla Rakhimovich!